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Are you concerned about thinning or loss of hair, a recedeing hair line, baldness?
Are you experiencing male or female pattern baldness?
Do you suffer from acne, acne scars or wrinkles?

Raymax manufactures laser biostimulation systems for both hair and skin applications.

Our units implement high quality, industrial grade low level cold laser technology stimulators to penetrate scalp(skin) and provide the much needed light energy required for healthy hair and skin.  Our units are specifically designed for hair regrowth and are very effective for both men and women, making these products gender neutral. Our products are safe, effective and most importantly, give you results fast! So, if you're a guy with male pattern baldness or a woman with problematic thinning hair, Raymax Palm Laser Comb and or Salon Mega Laser unit can literally work wonders.



With this revolutionary next generation hair Laser device there is finally, an alternative to invasive, expensive hair procedures such as hair transplants or hair weaves and hair wigs!

Then we have what you are looking for to promote a healthier environment for natural hair growth and to aid hair restoration that is dose and treatment renewable (one-time expense) while being a drug-free alternative with no side effects, making it a safe an natural holistic remedy.
Brush your way to fuller, more vibrant hair with laser technology developed by NASA and used by hair laser clinics and professional hair salons worldwide.

One of Time Magazine's Inventions of the Year!  If you dream of having fuller,more vibrant looking hair, your dream is about to come true.  RayMax implements the same technology used by famous salons worldwide to revitalize hair for a thicker, richer look.
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The Raymax Palm hand held or Laser Hood are the most advanced Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) on the market today, used for promoting natural hair stimulation and rejuvenation. 

All our units  implement the same basic 650nm wavelength (visible red light) cold Laser LLLT technology as more expensive commercial products, except Raymax has no optical transparent obstructions (plastic reflectors, diffusers, windows, tines or channeled plastic)
and has more Laser fluence (optical power/density), coherence and polarization making it more effective (all Raymax units utilize class 3R IEC or IIIa FDA/CDRH compliant Lasers modules).

Each Laser modules optical output power density is regulated by a microcontroller, which limits the Laser emitting light intensity. By focusing free-space Laser beam with no optical obstructions (from Laser aperture to tissue area), direct and not reflected, defused or channeled, multiple Lasers on the same hair or scalp tissue at the same time (a technique known as 'Free Space Lasing convergence'), the Raymax is able to generate up to nine times the Laser total fluence energy as the competing products like; Hairbeam laser brush, HairMax Laser Comb, and Sunetics Laser brush, X5 Hair Laser or other monochromatic light or LED (Laser Emitting Diode) hair bush or comb treatment remedies on the market today. This gives the Raymax the most effective level of optical power/density,
polarization and coherents needed.
Using Raymax laser unit, improves and promotes healthier nutritional environment for your hair and skin to revitalize and improve the quality, strength and thickness of your terminal hair over time, while being a drug-free alternative to minoxidil, Rogaine, Finasteride, Propecia, Provillus, Profollica, Tricomin, Chamonix, Revita, Revivogen, Advecia, Avacor, Kevis, Avacorus, Procerin, ScalpMed and other pharmacological hair loss treatment remedies that may regrow hair or impede the dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) enzyme.
Not All Lasers Created Equal! Comparison of light output of a Raymax special design laser module (top) which is about 3"wide, with a regular laser (Right), about 0.3" wide!